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The Beginning of Something Grimm

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Today is Cat’s first day performing as part of The Grimm Sisters! To find out some more information or book tickets to hear some slightly gory stories, told by the Grimm sisters themselves, check out the summary and link below:

“You know the Brothers Grimm? The famous storytellers…or story stealers more like! Their sisters were the true brains behind the books, but thanks to a treacherous father, a nasty curse and a great big dollop of bad luck, you’ve probably never heard of them. 

The Grimm Sisters are here to set the record straight. Join them on the journey as they tell their twisted tales with a marvellous mix of live music, singing & comedy. Dive headfirst into their weird world of poisonous parents, courageous quests & a magical frog called Jeremy (Jeremy is not to be trusted).”